TWOMUCH is a London based design studio that aims to create new visual and digital experiences.

Above is our studio directory. Browse each site to view what we have been working on.
Virtual Gap Year
Virtual Gap Year was a collaboration between Pitch Studios and IAM which explored different islands relating to a different theme of IAM Weekend 2019 'The Quantumness of Archipelagos'. We were one of the 5 artists that collaborated on this film. Our island was based around the theme of Deconstructing Ecosystems.

Featured on It's Nice That and LS:N Global.
Plastic Paper
Plastic Paper is a project by about how plastic bags in New York have been neglected as pieces of art. A book was produced and sold with all money earned to be donated to PARLEY to help clean up plastics in the ocean. We designed and developed the website for the project and store.
SontFwap is a chrome extension which was designed for type and web designers to test their typefaces on currently existing websites. The extension allows users to select which part of the website they would like to change with their typefaces which allows them to try out multiple typefaces on one website.

Download the extension on the Chrome store.
Chrome Extension
Boook.Land is a space for collaborative storytelling, bringing the online world together to write a novel. Participants continue the story using only the last few paragraphs for reference. Participants could also illustrate the book live as it was written. Vol.001 Birthland, ran throughout November 2018, in which time it received over 2,600 text submissions, resulting in a 56,000 word novel. In addition, over 1,300 illustrations where also submitted.

The project has been featured on It's Nice ThatLS:N GlobalHoverstat.esBrutalist Websites and
Created in collaboration with Harry Boyd.
A personal project exploring the creation of a generative typeface. The result was a 'living' typeface which reacted and changed based on elements of our collaboration together. Every 10 minutes, a new font is generated based on the physical distance between us, monitored by an app on our phones. The closer we are together, the the more whole and complete the typeface is. The further we move apart, the greater the typeface gets distorted. This font was then hosted on our previous website, assigned to our '2m' logo. An additional input was a programme running on both of our computers, which was tracking our mouse movements. These were then translated to how the '2' and the 'm' moved around on the webpage.
Agenda 2020
Agenda 2020 was an augmented reality exhibition by Omsetype that looked at daily interactions in the future. We explored, designed and developed different interactions and animations in AR for the the exhibition while working at Omse. The exhibition consisted of a number of posters, wall vinyls and 3D objects, all used as markers for the AR app we helped develop.

Collaborators include Oliver Ellmers and Serafim Mendes.
AR Exhibition
Sterling Chang
We designed and developed a portfolio site for multidisciplinary designer Sterling Chang.

Featured on Brutalist Websites and
Website is an ongoing project which reimagines the ways we can browse images on the web. It currently exists as a mobile web app. We developed an algorithm which uses the API's of various image databases online, such as Flickr and Arena, to create an endless stream of images. The user enters their subject of choice to start the sequence. All images after this are selected based on the contents of the previous image, using Google's Vision API. The result is a collection of images which gradually flows from one subject to another.

To progress through the sequence, users have to be physically moving. When you have moved far enough away from the previous image, the next one is displayed. We wanted to create a journey though content which was more then just scrolling on a screen.
Every(001) is an ongoing experiment focusing on connecting people together online through their cursors. The primary output is a Google Chrome extension which allows users to experience a more social web browsing environment. By installing the extension, you are able to see and interact with other users who also have the extension, regardless of what webpage you are on. All of this is happening in realtime. Hovering over someone else's cursor sends them a friendly greeting.

We've also developed Every(001) to be used on static sites, showing the mice of everyone who is currently browsing the site. This was implemented in the CSM GCD degree show website which we helped build.
Chrome Extension
GCD Degree Show
We designed and developed the website for the 2018 BA graphic design degree show at Central Saint Martins. The site features an auto scrolling showcase section, which can be filtered using a selection of tags and categories. It also features a collaborative element, displaying all visitors mice movements in realtime.

Featured on Brutalist Websites and
Created in collaboration with Nathalie de Vallière. Typeface by Asel Tambay.
People's Studio was an artist residency programme organised by Neighborhood Singapore, the event was part of Singapore Design Week. We created the visual identity for the programme based off the idea of creativity flowing through the district in which the programme was being held.
Reebok Rapide
Posters and animations created for the exclusive launch of the Reebok Rapide shoe at Size?. We creates artworks inspired by the shoe and it's history, transforming the shoe into an abstract 3D sculpture make up of it's elements.
Visual Work
A selection of 3D posters and animations we've created over the last couple of years, for various client briefs and competitions as well as personal explorations.
Posters & Animations